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The follow-up to controversial prison-themed Alcotraz, Moonshine is set in an 1880s Wild West saloon located in the World’s End boondocks. It’s an immersive experience: the pimp’s parlour populated by a posse of camp characters. Guests pre-book and are kitted out in Stetsons and ’kerchiefs and become part of this hokey honky-tonk’s clandestine racket: a Carry On Cowboy-style caper. Bar-staff create cocktails using whatever base spirit you’ve brought along. Four cocktails are promised throughout a 1hr 45 min sitting that costs an additional £33.99. We bring rye whiskey: a rocks Manhattan acceptable enough. But the bar’s second idea is a Negroni – principal ingredient gin, not rye. Next comes a tumbler of neat rye, a glass of iced water, a bottle of bitters and an invitation to fix our own drink. The sheriff gunned down, the redneck charade is over and we’re corralled into The General Store, a pay bar upstairs.

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