Our Story

Made for nightlife lovers by nightlife lovers!

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Ever spent what felt like an eternity arranging a night out, Or maybe you’ve wanted a spontaneous nightcap only for it to be a major disappointment?

Or inversely, you’ve got lucky and randomly stumbled across somewhere that seemed like everything, even down to the funky motto printed in the bathroom cubical was made just for you?

Do these scenarios sound familiar? Well… you’ve come to the right place!

"Discover the best places"

Nightscard is an app and online platform that connects you with the entire nightlife ecosystem all in one place. It will allow you to explore and discover the best places to have an incredible night out without the disappointments of wishing you stayed at home.

"Take the hassle out of finding the best locations"

The idea behind Nightscard stemmed from the founders wanting to take the hassle out of finding the best locations for a great nightlife experience by putting it into one place for your convenience.

After many months of research and hard reflection (added to the multitude of nights out over the years), “are the venues doing something wrong?”, “is it us?”, “is this just how the nightlife experience will forever be?!” were some of the considerations along the way.

Key Elements

We kept coming back to the same points, so it became clear that there’s a handful of key elements that determine whether the night’s going to be a success or not;

1.Finding places that match your tastes and budget with minimal effort

2. Having hassle-free transport options easily accessible

3. Being able to easily organise the night out with friends in the first place.

Sounds simple right?

However, there was still a problem. Searching Google or the vast array of other nightlife websites out there, researching the different travel routes and organising the night out with friends can be tiresome tasks themselves. Also, what happens if you decide mid-night that you want to go somewhere else or even do something completely different?


Welcome to Nightscard

Individually, there are options out there to cover these points, so “surely there’s something or somewhere that can cover all these things to make the whole experience easier” was the initial thought, until the realisation hit that there wasn’t!… Until now.
Welcome to Nightscard. The key to your city’s nightlife!