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This 1930s Havana-styled rum room was to be called The Plantation until pressure groups objected to the slavery connotations. So Eric Yu (of Opium, and 68 & Boston repute) came up with a hasty rebrand; burlock is the twine-and-hemp packaging used by rum-runners to conceal their booty. Plantation rum remains on the menu, however, best sipped in Burlock’s creamy Grasshopper Deluxe (with chocolate liqueur, crème de menthe, milk and cream) – one of various cracking Caribbean and creole cocktails. Try too, Rum-Ember The Maine (a Mezan XO rum twist on the 1930s whisky classic, which references the sinking of USS Maine, flashpoint for the Spanish-American War), or Canchanchara (a white rum antecedent of 1920s gin job Bee’s Knees, which was invented to fortify locals during Cuba’s Ten Years’ War with Spain). Vodka Fruit Thing (with Ketel One) graces a brief list of ‘not rum’ drinks, and funky beats stir the mix.

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