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The name is a conjunction of two earlier monikers, The Flagship and The Mitre, but things nautical win the day as regards the revamped interior of this 1930s art-deco boozer. However, most people know this place because of its prodigious line-up of cask-conditional ales and imported beers. A battalion of 15 pumps dispenses real ales and ciders from microbreweries all over the country, and the fridges alone stock more than 100 German, Belgian and American bottled libations. The owners stage a themed beer festival every month, hold specialist tastings (including sprits) and have launched two retail outlets on the back of their success. Grub plays second fiddle, but you can visit the Galley for homemade burgers, butties, nachos and various specials. Darts nights, creative writing classes and a Woody Guthrie folk club complete the package.

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