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When Manchester’s skies are heavy, leave the drizzly streets behind and descend the stairs to tropical dive-bar heaven. This raucous basement, covered in old tiki posters and complete with thatch, attracts thumping great crowds in search of underground sunshine. Unsurprisingly, rum is king down here and the tiki-shirted bartenders go about their business with hedonistic flare, and even fire for the Zombie cocktails. Share Captain Lyndon’s Treasure Chest – Lyndon Higginson is the owner and one of the most respected people in the tiki business – it comes in an actual chest in ‘large’ or ‘larger’ sizes and consists of a heady mix of rums, Prosecco, tropical fruits and promised ‘good times’. There’s a serious list of classic tiki drinks too, including the Painkiller from 1971 and the Mai Tai from 1944, but don’t study it too hard: this place is for parties.

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