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When he’s not overseeing Baroque at the Playboy Club, Gerry Calabrese is entertaining a democratic mix of Joey Essex boys, stylists, catwalk models and Gucci-clad wannabes at his studiedly quirky pop-art/kitsch funhouse. Taxidermy and teacups filled with top-notch cocktails are the thing in the street-level bar, where sharp mixologists serve twisted takes on the classics. Try Mexican thyme (a leftfield margarita), the countess (a postmodern Negroni) or Johnny cobbler. Alternatively, trip out on Sergeant Pepper (gin, crème de mûre, Punt e Mes and Fernet Branca) or club together downstairs for one of the £50 ‘infusion jars’such as Hoxton market (a fruit cup built on Calabrese’s love it/loathe it grapefruit and coconut Hoxton gin). After that, ride ya pony to a mash-up of house, hip-hop, reggae and beats spun by cutting-edge DJs.

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