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A good spot from which to contemplate London’s skyline, Jin Bo Law is a 14th-floor skybar at the Dorsett City Hotel (sister to the Dorsett Shepherd’s Bush). Its narrow west-facing (heated) terrace overlooks the elegant 17th-century spire of St Botolph’s Aldgate. The long gallery bar resembles a Hong Kong take on 1950s Manhattan: all mustard, gold and glossy-grey marbles. Here, the quartet of signature cocktails might fail to inspire drinkers with anything other than vodka in mind. This spirit underpins Nuts and Marsh (with hazelnut liqueur, chocolate and marshmallow), and Peas of Mind, a Sour made with Jinro Soju (South Korea’s take on vodka). We recommend going off-menu or sticking to wines and fizz by the glass. Snacks are limited to nuts, wasabi-spiced mix and olives – although charcuterie and sharing platters are planned in future. With so many great examples to choose from, skybars these days need some extra oomph.

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